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Welcome to the Berwickshire Communities' Website!

The county of Berwickshire is one of the most sparsely populated areas of the Scottish mainland, and is an area of mixed upland livestock farming and lowland, arable farming, with approximately one third of the population living in coastal communities.  The area is located to the south-east of Edinburgh, on the border with England.

It is vital for the future sustainability of vibrant communities within Berwickshire, and for the continued cohesion and sense of identity and self-confidence of the people of the area, that the existing 33 Berwickshire communities, through their community councils and other community representatives, act collectively to ensure that they co-ordinate their activities and events, be they social, cultural, educational or organised by the voluntary sector.

It is exactly for that reason that we have produced this website.  Please explore the site by clicking on the links on the left, using the Quick find drop-down list or view the latest New and Events listed on the right.

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