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Rationale for the Berwickshire Communities Online Project

Due to the diverse geographical spread of the Berwickshire communities and the relative isolation, particularly in Winter months, it has become apparent that information relating to various issues, activities, newsworthy items etc at individual community level does not always reach that individual community and certainly does not normally reach all of the communities in Berwickshire.

Each respective community tends to rely on notice boards and, while some have their own websites and coverage may succeed in pockets at a local level, other communities are not likely to be kept informed. Many of the BCCF’s activities suffer from a general lack of awareness and as many of these activities are in the public interest, there exists a requirement that these are in the public domain.

The internet is changing the way we live and the way we do business. From a community point of view, it offers opportunities to prevent isolation, enhance communication, promote tourism and highlight all aspects of community life. We strongly believe that we can facilitate a greater degree of awareness and of communication through the development of a BCCF website.

Project Aims and Objectives

The aim of the project is to help create a more sustainable, self-sufficient and vibrant network of communities across the County.

This project must ensure events and activities organised by the community or its representatives are as well supported as possible and achieve the maximum benefits for the population of Berwickshire and visitors to the area. Moreover, the project’s seeks to help stimulate social networks that will assist the retention of young people, in particular, in the area, but also to make society as open and welcoming to the many new residents of Berwickshire who may arrive in years to come. This will be especially important if, as set-out in the New Ways strategy for the Borders, the Eastern Hub development, centred on Eyemouth, succeeds in generating employment and population growth.


This project sets out to achieve a number of specific objectives in order to fulfil our aims stated above.

  1. The “Berwickshire Communities Online” project will engender a greater involvement in community activities and promote communication within and across communities, as well as aiding consultation in issues affecting the communities.
  2. It should also foster a sense of pride in the communities, and Berwickshire collectively, and encourage greater involvement in conservation activities in and across Berwickshire to help protect and regenerate the built and natural heritage of the area.
  3. Contribute towards generating medium to long-term economic benefits through aiding efforts to retain our young people, and regenerate our towns, villages and hamlets and surrounding countryside.

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