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Cockburnspath and Cove
Cockburnspath & Cove: Gateway between the East March and the Lothians
Cockburnspath is the one of the fastest growing community council areas and is the most northerly, in all of the Scottish Borders. Our area is situated astride the A1 and the East Coast Mainline, at the boundary with East Lothian.

 Between 1991 and 2001, the population of the area increased by 27% from 574 to 729, compared to an average of 1% for Scotland.  We now have a younger age profile than the Scottish Borders as a whole. By 2011, following upgrade of the A1 between Edinburgh and Dunbar, we anticipate that the population will have increased by as much as 60% since the Census in 1991 to in excess of 900.

The area, set on the beautiful Berwickshire Coast, has a mixture of productive arable land and hill farming, while the area is a popular holiday destination, with many surfers regularly visiting the private beach at Pease Bay Holiday Park. Appropriately, given the community name, Cockburnspath is the centre of a number of excellent walks, and is the eastern terminus of the long distance pathway, the Southern Upland Way, while the area contains a number of SSSIs and a Scottish Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Pease Dean..

The main population centre is the village of Cockburnspath, which is some 13 miles north west of Eyemouth, 14 miles north of Duns and 22 miles northwest of Berwick-upon-Tweed.  The village is a Burgh of Barony which used to convey the right to hold markets in what has become The Square, upon which the conservation area is centred, due to the listed buildings /monuments in its vicinity.  

Cockburnspath was initially known as Kolbrand’s Path in the dark ages, and is known locally known as Co'path.  The name derives from the number of steep-sided wooded deans which are the main characteristic of the coastal part of the area, which used to convey great strategic significance to whoever owned the lands, although the deans have now been tamed by the road and rail bridges we use today.  The village contains approximately 500 of the total population of the community area, an active Parish church, an excellent, growing primary school ( more than 90 pupils) and a recently completed village hall built with the aid of a £288,511 grant from the National Lottery, while funds are being raised to build a community managed Pub.  Click here for more information on Cockburnspath.

The community of Cove, initially "Quhyte Cove" or White Cove, is the largest of the outlying settlements, with a population of 45, although with just under half the properties used as second homes or for holiday letting, this can rise considerably in the Summer months. The area lies approximately ¾ of a mile from Cockburnspath. 

The community is centred around the local farm and the planned hamlet built, from the 19th century onwards, by the Halls of Dunglass, for tenant fisher-folk, who used what was a natural harbour.

The hamlet is a good example of a "heugh-held" (cliff-top) settlement and overlooks Lidster's Bay, an SSSI. 

Between 1831 and 1834, Lady Hall of Dunglass paid for construction of a purpose built harbour in a cove below the hamlet, reached by way of a tunnel, to capitalise on the rich catches of herring and mackerel.  However, following decline in herring fishing and the loss of 12 fishermen from Cove, principally from three families, in the great fishing disaster of 1881, by 2004, just two in-shore lobster/crab boats still use the harbour and today the harbour is privately owned by Cove Harbour Conservation Ltd, which uses the film rights from use of the relatively untouched harbour to fund maintenance to the category A-listed harbour walls and cottages.  Cove has also played host to a notable colony of artists, including Sir James Guthrie and the ‘Glasgow Boys’.   Click here for more information on Cove.

Other communities within the area are the farms and small hamlets at Old Cambus, Redheugh, Pathhead, Ecclaw, Hoprig, Tower Farm and at Pease / Linhead.

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