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Your Safety - in the Home

Your Community is a safe place to live.  Sometimes people tend to dwell on the bad things that happen, however crime in our region is at its lowest level for many years and continues to fall.

Fear of Crime is greater than the reality of it.  Older people often feel even more vulnerable.   We believe it is important that you should feel 'safe as houses'.

By following our simple advice, you will be helping all of us to beat the criminal.  Five minutes of your time and we'll explain how:

If someone calls at your door...

  • Are you expecting them?  If not, remain alert.  Check to see who it is by looking through the door viewer (if you have one) or look through a window.
  • Put the door chain on before opening the door (have one fitted if you don't already have one - they only cost a few pounds).
  • Fitting an outside light allows you to see someone outside, and helps find the keyhole in the dark!
  • If someone turns up unexpectedly, do not let them in.  Genuine callers will not be offended and will be happy to call another day, having made an appointment.
  • Don't allow anyone to put you under pressure to let them in.  Genuine people do not call asking for a drink of water or to use the toilet.  They may be out to take advantage of your generous nature.  Do not be fooled.
  • People may call offering to do work on your home or help you with your garden.  They may tell you that you need some urgent maintenance to the roof etc...  Politely tell them you do not need their services.  Later, once they have gone, check with a neighbour, friend or relative whether there really is a problem. If work needs doing, reputable companies can be selected through the yellow pages, or ask a neighbour to recommend someone.  They provide full written quotations which you can take time to compare against each other.  It may be helpful to have someone else with you when builders or workmen first come to inspect your house.
  • If you are worried about someone who has called at your house or any other matter, contact your local Police Station who will be able to assist you.
If in doubt, keep them out.

When you're away...
  • Make your home appear occupied when out or away by using timer switches to operate lamps or leave lights on.
  • Windows - fit key operated window locks to all downstairs windows.  These can be bought from DIY shops and cost just a few pounds each.
  • House Alarm - an alarm will give you peace of mind that your home is protected when you are out.  There are many to choose from and we strongly advise you to contact the police who will be able to advise you which one is best for you.
  • Door Entry Systems - if you live in a block of flats that have a door entry system, please ensure that strangers are never free to enter.  Never buzz anyone into the block who says they have come to see someone else unless you know them well.
  • Spare Keys - do not leave them under a doormat or in a flower pot outside the door.  They should be left with a neighbour in case of emergency.
  • Door Locks - there are so many different kinds, it can be difficult to know which are the best.  Your local police crime prevention officer will be able to advise you.  External doors should be locked at night.  Do not lock internal doors as you need to be able to get our quickly in case of a fire.
  • Sheds & Garages - these often contain tools which someone could use to attack your home.  Make sure all outbuildings are well secured with a padlock.

Postcoding your property can help deter thieves...
Marking your property can deter burglars and help the police to get your property back to you if it is stolen.

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
Your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme will be able to advise and help you arrange to fit any of the security items mentioned above.

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