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  BCCF Environmental Group
The BCCF Environmental Group was formed in 1999 to take advantage of the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme.  Initially, its 'teeth were cut' on a project looking at the viability of turning Borders wool into insulation using Borders labour and machinery.

Although the final study showed the process to be practical, it would not have been financially successful.  However, another fourteen projects have been succesfully registered with ENTRUST and work continues to raise funding for them.  These projects are as follows:

  • Wool Insulation
  • Creel Path
  • Duns Tennis Club
  • Shredder (available for hire for shredding hedge trimmings, branches etc.)
  • Whitsome Kirk Path
  • Ayton Bowling Club Path
  • St Abbs Putting Green
  • Waste Minimisation Fieldworker
  • Gunsgreen Dovecot
  • Whitsome Recreation Group
  • Sustainable Gardening
  • Eyemouth Golf Club
  • Eyemouth Museum
  • Reston Church Toilet
  • Lauder Calfward Path

Other projects are awaiting approval and / or funding.

We have been fortunate up to now because Scottish Borders Council has granted us considerable sums from the Tax Credits accrued as a result of their landfill operations.  Unfortunately, as a consequence of a change in the tax laws, only a third of the money previously available can now be distributed.  In addition, a major category of eligible has been dropped.  Alternative sources of funding are being sought to continue to promote environmental work.

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