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  Funding Sources
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There are various opportunities for projects concerned with sustainable development to attract government funding. Some schemes are directly administered by the Scottish Executive, others by external organisations. Each year, hundreds of thousands of pounds are given out to projects throughout Scotland to help transform local environments and address environmental damage.

1.  Funding from the Scottish Executive

The Sustainable Action Fund was set up under the Environment Act 1990 with the objective of funding research, demonstration projects and other relevant activities in support of sustainable development in Scotland. Money is given in the form of core funding or grant funding. Past projects which have secured grant-funding have been innovative, easily replicable, promoted good ideas and practice and encouraged people to behave sustainably.
Click here for more information on The Sustainable Action Fund.

The Aggregates Levy is a UK environmental tax on the commercial exploitation of aggregate (sand, gravel and rock, with some exceptions). In Scotland, a percentage of the Levy is redistributed amongst some major environmental projects and to projects in areas affected by aggregate extraction to enable communities most affected to renew the surrounding area.
Click here for more information on The Aggregates Levy.

For more information on projects which have received Executive funding, see http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Environment/17108/7457

2.  Alternative Sources of Funding

Other opportunities exist to secure funding for environmental projects, from the New Opportunities Fund to the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme as follows:

Other sources of funding are available to projects concerned with sustainable development:

Strategic Waste Fund
The Scottish Executive has established a Strategic Waste Fund for local authorities to implement Area Waste Plans under the National Waste Strategy. Local authorities are being encouraged to work in partnership with community or voluntary sector groups in implementing these plans particularly where existing initiatives can be developed and expanded.

Landfill Tax Credit Scheme
The Landfill Tax Credit Scheme was designed to help mitigate the effects of landfill upon local communities. It encourages partnerships between landfill operators, their local communities and the voluntary and public sectors. The landfill tax credit scheme was introduced with the landfill tax in October 1996 and enables landfill site operators to donate up to 6.5 per cent of their landfill tax liability to environmental projects in return for a 90 per cent tax credit. These projects should conform to one of six objects set for the LTCS.
Click here for more information on The Landfill Tax Credit Scheme.

New Opportunities Fund - "Transforming Your Space"
This 5.25 million scheme will support projects that enable communities to deal with environmental issues effecting the quality of their daily lives, such as making their local environment safer, healthier, cleaner etc. The programme, launched on 4 February 2003, is delivered by their award partners, Fresh Futures. The application form and guidance notes are available on the Fresh Futures website (www.fresh-futures.org.uk).

Forward Scotland Small Grants Scheme
The Small Grants Scheme distributes funds to constituted groups who wish to pursue an environmental project. The maximum grant available is 1,000 and Forward Scotland will normally fund up to 75% of the cost of the project.. However, "in kind" contributions can be considered as counting towards the total cost.

The aims of the Small Grants Scheme are to:

  • provide the capacity for groups at the early stages of a project to plan their outputs
  • and ascertain how these outputs are going to be achieved
  • provide funding for training or professional help such as a solicitor or accountant
  • enable groups to consult stakeholders on the need for their project
  • enable groups to organise a meeting or seminar to discuss the project, or
  • publicise the project in order to develop community involvement.

Click here for more information on The Small Grants Scheme.

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