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  Local Projects
Local Projects
Projects in the Borders supported by the BCCF Environmental Group:

Wool Insulation
Creel Path
Duns Tennis Club
Shredder (available for hire for shredding hedge trimmings, branches etc.)
Whitsome Kirk Path
Ayton Bowling Club Path
St Abbs Putting Green
Waste Minimisation Fieldworker
Gunsgreen Dovecot
Whitsome Recreation Group
Sustainable Gardening
Eyemouth Golf Club
Eyemouth Museum
Reston Church Toilet
Lauder Calfward Path

Other Borders Projects:

Gordon Community Woodland

This woodland was purchased in April 2002 by the Community with the assistance of the Scottish Land Fund and other generous supporters. The aim was to enable the people of Gordon in particular, but also all members of the public in general, to enjoy the opportunities and freedom of walking through this natural area.  Our intention is to help protect and conserve a valuable wildlife habitat and encourage responsible use of the site as an amenity wood.
  For more information, please click here to visit Gordon's Community pages.

Paxton Village Green
A Trust was established by the locals to raise funds and to build the Village Green for Paxton. This has now been completed.

The Gateway Charitable Trust was formed in the year 2000 by a group of enthusiastic Coldstream locals who, fed up with lack of outside support, wanted to promote Coldstream in areas such as Tourism and Trade for the ultimate benefit of the townsfolk and a future for their children.

Projects already undertaken by the Trust include:

  • The handing out by the children of a questionnaire regarding conservation at home - e.g. do you use a garden hose?
  • A hit squad of approximately 20 names to carry out at a moment’s notices any tidying up or general work around the town.
  • Bird boxes placed in existing mature trees. There are a number of bird boxes appearing in trees throughout the town - see if you can spot them.
  • A selection of trees planted all the way up Guards Road to Duns Road.

For more information about Coldstream, please click here to visit Coldstream's Community pages.

Our Neighbours


Learning maths has just become much more fun now that a new Woodland Maths Trail for children has been launched in Ancrum, near Jedburgh.  The trail allows children to work out their sums and other mathematics in an interesting way that can be transferred to real life situations.

The woodland maths trail offers children 15 different activities to carry out therefore teachers can pick and choose whichever problems they want to give their pupils. A ‘numberline’ near the beginning of the trail offers lots of scope for younger children to learn the numbers game.

Click here for more information or speak to the project contact, Greg Macfarlane, Forestry Commission Scotland, (also Chairman of the Local FEI Group for the Borders). Telephone: 01896 750222.

Moffat / Peebles

Carrifran Wildwood is a bold initiative in ecological restoration, spearheaded by the Wildwood Group. The idea is to re-create an extensive tract of wild and largely forested land, evoking the pristine countryside of six thousand years ago. Once again there will be a home for Scottish trees, flowers, birds, mammals and insects that for centuries have been almost excluded from these denuded hills.

The Wildwood Group helped to form Borders Forest Trust, searched for and eventually found a site, and raised £400,000 (which did not include any public money). On 1st January 2000 the Trust bought Carrifran, a magnificent 1600-acre valley in the hills between Moffat and Peebles. The restoration of Carrifran began at once, when one hundred people celebrated the new millennium by planting the first trees on that first day. Since then, tens of thousands more shrubs and trees have been established in the valley.

Limited public funds are now available for work at Carrifran, and a charitable trust has agreed to pay for all the trees. The success of the project, however, still depends on donations from private individuals, and a new fundraising campaign is being launched. Stewards of Carrifran Wildwood will help to fund the planting and will ensure the long-term future of Carrifran.

Click here for more information (http://www.carrifran.org.uk).

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