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Gordon Moss
Gordon Moss, now covered by thick birch and willow woodland, is the surviving remnant of a much larger moss. The shallow depression in which it lies was at one time occupied by a loch covering up to 600 hectares. Over thousands of years, the loch gradually filled up with vegetation which eventually formed successive layers of peat.  For more information, please click here to visit Gordon's Community pages.

Greenlaw Moor
The Greenlaw Moor is a SSSI site. This is an extensive heather moor and is the only remaining dwarf shrub heath left in the Borders. Hule moss is a focal point for important numbers of pink footed geese with 3 to 6 % of the british wintering population coming here. There are also suitable areas for crossbill siskin and a wintering area for Red Grouse and Peregrine Falcon.

St Abbs Head
The cliffs of the St. Abbs Head nature reserve form one of the largest mainland breeding colonies for Sea Birds in Scotland.  Click here to visit the St Abbs website and find out more about its volcanic orgins to the seabirds which inhabit the area.

Lidster's Bay, Cove
Lidster's Bay is a SSSI site.

Pease Dean, Cockburnspath


Berwickshire Coast (Marine)

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